360 degree replays coming to the NFL

According to Gizmodo, a company called Replay Technologies is out to make MLB and NFL replays look like something out of the Matrix. Its already installed in Yankee Stadium and now we can expect it this September for the NFL’s kickoff.¬†Free Dimensional Video or freeD is part of a “Watch As You Want” initiative to make watching sports more interactive and immersive. Learn more here.


It’s time for a “College Gangbang”, courtesy of Wilson

Detroit rockers Wilson debut their first video off the album Full Blast Fuckery. I dont know about you but with a track title like that, Im beyond disappointed with this video.

Full Blast Fuckery is avail on iTunes

This man was kicked out of Nirvana and Soundgarden. He became a war hero.

Awesome article from the NYT about the “Pete Best” of grunge. ¬†Check out the article here.

Before leaving a career in music to grow a beard and kill some Taliban, Everman used to kick some ass on stage.


New Music Alert: The Palmer Squares ft. ProbCause – MUFFHUGGER

The sound of white boys rapping is far from a novelty anymore…but being done well still is. The rap duo Palmer Squares – made up of Acumental and Terminal Knowledge – hails from Chicago. They’ve made a name for themselves on YouTube since 2010, but this video for ‘Muffhugger’ proves their baddist yet.