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Afro Exclusive: Joe Satriani Interview & Giveaway

18 Feb, 2010 Win
Afro Exclusive: Joe Satriani Interview & Giveaway

The Afro crew was lucky enough to get 5 minutes with the Satch to find out what he is up to. And by lucky we mean we snuck our midget correspondent into a guitar case and threw him on the tour bus. It’s hard to escape a sweaty midget on a tour bus so he agreed to answer the questions before kicking him off on the side of the road.

Afro: Aside from being a tremendously talented guitarist, you’ve also found great success in teaching the craft. You’ve taught some of the biggest names in Rock before they were stars such as, Steve Vai, Tom Morello, & Kirk Hammett. How does this all come about? Is there some form of shredder school we are unaware of that you are turning out killer guitarists? And we have to ask, who was the biggest pain to teach?

Satriani: Never taught Tom Morello, but have played with him a few times, he is completely amazing! Teaching just happened because people started asking me for lessons, so I acquiesced. I like getting other players to reach their full potential. I’m afraid I’ve been the biggest pain to teach; sometimes I can be so spacey!

Afro: So congrats on the new CD/DVD release. What are some of the highlights on Live in Paris: I Just Wanna Rock?

Satriani: I am always amazed when we have just one night to record/film and be great, and it all works out beautifully. We were really on fire that night, and sounded like a real band.

and the classic Satch Boogie

Afro: Out of all of the youtube clips of people trying to play our stuff, have you ever seen someone who actually impressed you?

Satriani: There’s a clip of an eight-year-old Chinese girl playing “Always With Me, Always With You” on a Chinese television show that is awe-inspiring. But, I particularly like the clips of me where someone overdubs some hideous guitar playing over my performance; those clips have me rolling on the floor laughing my head off…

Check him out “shredding”

Afro: You’ve toured with so many great guitarists over the years. Is there anyone you wish you could have played with?

Satriani: Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen to name a few…

Afro: How has it been playing with Chicken Foot? Being you are all well-established musicians, how is the song writing process? Do any egos get in the way?

Satriani: No egos, just fun, all the time. Sammy and I get together and write quite a bit, we have a good chemistry going. We each bring in musical and lyrical ideas and try to go with the moment. Then when the band hears it, we all shape the arrangements.

Afro: As big Spinal Tap fans, we’re well aware of your contribution to the track “Break Like the Wind.” Tell us how it was recording the track with those guys, and all the other contributing musicians. It is like the We are the world for guitarists (Slash, Beck, Lukather)

Satriani: Unfortunately, we were never at the same studio at the same time. They didn’t even play me the other guys’ solos until I was finished with mine, but somehow all the solos worked together!

Afro: With everything you’ve accomplished so far, what is next for The Satch?

Satriani: Writing and recording a solo CD, writing and recording Chickenfoot 2, but first, I’m going out on the Experience Hendrix Tour this March. I’m looking forward to a very busy year!

visit chickenfoot.us for more info

Afro: Sounds like a great year! Thanks for taking the time.

Everyone be sure to check out the DVD here and be on the look out for the new Chickenfoot disc as well as the Experience Hendrix Tour this March.


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