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Artist Spotlight: The Dirty Heads

26 Mar, 2010 Musicians
Artist Spotlight: The Dirty Heads

The Dirty Heads are a reggae rock band from Southern California. Their debut album, Any Port In A Storm, was released on September 23, 2008, by Executive Music Group (Fontana/Universal).  “Any Port in a Storm” features some of the final recordings of the late music industry icon Billy Preston. Frequently referred to as “The Fifth Beatle,” Preston played on three tracks, including “Stand Tall,” “Chelsea,” and “Driftin’.” Additional special guests on the album include drummer Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, NIN, The Vandals) and veteran session percussionist Alex Acuna, whose A-list resume includes such diverse work as Elvis Presley and Weather Report to Jackson Browne, Peter Gabriel and Beck.

The Dirty Heads are:

Dustin Bushnell - Vocals/Guitar
Jared Watson - Vocals
Jon Olazabal - Percussion
Matt Ochoa - Drums

The Fro was able to secure a few minutes with the band to discuss the origin, touring and banging chicks…you know the usual shit.

How did you guys meet and who came up with the name The Dirty Heads?

Met in school, and the name came from a lyric in one of our old songs wich we played with  duddys brothers band, then people started calling us that,  the lyric “dirty headed boy” came from one of our older brothers calling us that

For those not in the know how would you best describe your sound?

Reggae hip hop acoustic

We see you do a ton of touring on the west caost  how has the east coast  been receiving your music and any plans to tour over here?

We’ve actually been to the east coast twice and both times were killer. The support and feed back was awesome, planning on a tour soon,

You have some great players on the album; M Shadows, Slash, Josh Freese, how did you you guys hook up and how was the recording process?

Been friends with m.shadows and the avenged guys for since childhood, and the rest were met through mutual friends/ musicians,  every one of them were absolutely genius and unbelievable to watch play.

Which song of yours would best make for a porn soundtrack?

All of them. It just depends how hard you’re fucking!

Right on!

For more music and info check em out here

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