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Afrojacks DVD Recommendation: Kill Me Again

27 Jan, 2010 Movie Reviews

After flicking around on a late night recently I came across a movie from 1989 I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of before.  Val Kilmer and Michael Madsen??  In a mystery crime drama (by far my favorite genre)?  I was hooked from the TiVo description alone but a little apprehensive as it was late at night and this could just be the perfect storm of me wasting my time on a piece of crap and getting horrible sleep because I have to finish it. I decided to see it through, and was pretty happy I did.

Kill Me Again starts with a double cross by Fay (Joanne Wally) over her badass boyfriend (Michael Madsen, doing his best Michael Madsen impression) over an already stolen brief case of around $800K.  She wants to go to Vegas but stops off in “The Biggest Little Shit Hole in the World”, Reno Nevada, where she meets our boy Jack (a pretty dead in the eyes Val Kilmer, honestly).  Jack is an in debt private eye and is days away from getting shot by the mob over $10K when hes propositioned to be fake killed by Fay (whoa here she comes, watch out boy she’ll chew you up…) so she can take the money and run under with a new ID. Well from there on in it’s nothing but sex, murder, Michael Madsen being Michael Madsen, double and triple crosses with good plot twists and a pretty hot (in an attainable way) lead character who really is just a money hungry man eater.

Although it feels like a more tame version of True Romance, as crime dramas go Kill Me Again ranks high on the entertaining scale with a plot that holds surprises along the way, a steady stream of action, honest dialogue that feels authentic and solid chemistry between the characters (aka, good direction).  What holds it back from being a classic is the very average performances from everyone, accept Madsen who knows one speed - kick ass.  It may not be essential viewing, but next time your banged up on the couch at midnight and could get into a good crime thriller, throw this bad boy on.  It may not be True Romance, but very few films are.

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  1. I saw this in 1992 for no other reason than the Video Van was cleaned out of everything else. Great flick.

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