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Afrojacks DVD Recommendation: Bronson

25 Feb, 2010 Vids

Bronson is a small film I’ve been hearing about since its small release in early ’09 but have known no one whose seen it to confirm or deny that it was as amazing as I’d been hearing.  It was finally released on DVD a week or so ago so I jumped on it as fast as anyone would after seeing the incredibly violent and ass kicking trailer (below).  I definitely got what I asked for, a bloody beat ‘em up fighter movie, but what I didn’t expect was that would really only be the half of it.

For those of you who are not familiar with the true story of Charlie Bronson, he’s Britain’s most expensive inmate.  Charlie (real name Michael Gordon Peterson, Bronson’s his fightin’ name) came from a respectable middle class family outside of London but as soon as he could he started fighting… everyone.  This lead him to petty theft which lead him to time in the slammer which he found to be his own hotel room.  He loved it and never wanted to leave.  Where else could you take on 4-5 baton wielding guards in one throw-down?  Eventually the UK prison system doesn’t know what to do with him so he spends time in a few mental institutions, he starts riots, he gets released somehow and ends up back in jail after only 3 months which he couldn’t be happier about.

The film tells the story through Charlie’s eyes as the film cuts back and forth from him narrating as a circus clown in front of an audience to the actual story line.  The film is about using violence as an alter ego and walking the line between a weird caged animal and kind of a likable guy.  When things get weird, they get very weird.  His time in the mental hospital is mostly a drugged fueled drool fest as the mentally ill dance around him.  Later in life, Bronson explores his artistic side by holding guards or art teachers hostage, making them hand paint him head to toe in black or white (lots of male nudity in this one, you’re forewarned) and then fighting 5 armored guards.  Shit definitely gets a bit freaky.

Bronson is a pretty unique film and a lot funnier than the trailers and marketing would have you think.  It’s a brawlers film but its also strange, depressing, and hilarious all at once with a fantastic late 80′s early 90′s British techno meets new wave soundtrack.  The real Charlie Bronson is holding a record for years spent in solitary confinement and has stated that, though he has never seen the film, “it is the greatest film ever made.”  Not so fast big guy, but worth a rental?  Sure I’ll give you that.


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