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Afrojacks Exclusive: A discussion with Scottie Pippen

20 Apr, 2009 Other

Scottie talks about his cameo in Midgets Vs. Mascots, dunking over Ewing and more . . .

Froman: So how did you get involved with this project?
Scottie: Man, my marketing guy sorta tricked me into this movie.   He did not really tell me everything, like the first scene was real normal with my family talking to some mascots, real professional.  Then the second scene, they said it was improv with the little people.  So they told me some things to say, and that the little guys were pissed about something,  and for me to do this or do that depending on what they do when they come up on me.  So…we start rolling and this team of little people just start goin off on me, and one of them is gary coleman, which sorta was crazy, ya know…having Arnold yell at you.  I can’t tell you the whole thing, but these little guys pulled some bs on me, actually starting hitting me…stupid stuff.   It almost gut uglier than anyone wanted…I’ll say that. But all and all, it was cool.  Everyone is talking about how funny it is, that it’s the next borat. I never saw borat, so I hope that’s good.   Crazy. The name is crazy, “midgets vs mascots?

Froman: Have you acted before and is this a new a career path for you?
Scottie: I’d like to do more acting, since none of these nba teams seem willing to hire me as coach. I did a bunch of stuff like guest spots on er, and I’m attached to a tv show if it gets picked up this fall. People always tell me I’d make a good bad guy because of my presence and voice, so I’m with that if it happens. Maybe voiceover stuff, that seems like stealing money.

Froman:Did you ask P. Ewing how your balls tasted after that famous dunk in his face which is why they gave you the T?
Scottie: patrick and I are friends. I didn’t say anything at the time. I did have a few beers with Patrick way after it and I might have asked him how my…….naw, I’m not gonna say that.  (laughs).

: my trip was cool. The thing is they are just as competitive, but they don’t have the best players. That’s what makes the nba the nba. I’d go back though. , china, japan, ….all were cool. ->

Froman:Why do think Jordan retired in ’93 being you still had a good team going on? Were you upset about it?
Scottie: I was never pissed at him for retiring, just disappointed, ya know, we still had so much upside as a team.  But it gave me a chance to show my leadership and develop as a player, so all good.

Froman:Jordan/Pippen is to what dynamic duo today?
Scottie: I don’t really see it right now, at least not one that has any longevity.

Froman:Many athletes have extensive involvement in the making of their signature sneakers, how much final approval did you have on the Nike Pippen I’s or IIs?  Do you still own a pair?
Scottie: I liked working with nike on the pippen shoes.  I was way involved in the early stuff, like concept and design and some marketing ideas.  Then nike puts the machine in motion and some amazing stuff happens. I might still have a pair of my favorites, but I don’t wear them.

Froman: So who wins in a fight: midgets or mascots?
Scottie:I have not seen the movie. I hear its way crazy, like all sorts of racial slurs in it, and some guy tried to wrestle a huge alligator, lots of fights, that sort of stuff. I don’t know who wins, or what, but those little guys are mean enough to win. I found that out.  Makes me want to pull a prank on my marketing guy just thinking about it.  You have any good ideas?

Check ou the World Premiere of Midegts vs. Mascots at the Tribeca Film Festival

Sat April 25th; 9:00PM
Sun April 26th; 2:00PM
Thurs April 30th; 11:00PM
Sat May 2nd; 11:30PM

AMC Village 7 (66 3rd Ave, NYC)

For more information and to purchase tickets visit http://www.midgetsvsmascots.com/

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