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Afrojacks Movie Review: A Prophet

11 Mar, 2010 Movie Reviews

Lately there have been a number of very good American films that have come out and that I encourage you to see (Alice in Wonderland, The Ghost Writer, The Crazies) but I also think its important to see some of what the film makers who aren’t in Hollywood have to offer, especially if they are nominated for a Best Foreign Film Academy Award. Especially if you give a shit about smart films, and more importantly smart, violent, mafia, prison films. And really if your a guy, how could you not? And therefore you should be dying to get out and see A Prophet.

A Prophet stars up in coming French actor Tahar Rahim as a very young and clearly uneducated 18 year old Malik El Djebena who is sentenced to six years in prison. Shortly after he enters the prison as a lone wolf, he into the protection of the Corsican Mafia group, led by Luciani (an absolutely AMAZING performance by Niels Arestrup) by agreeing to kill a new prisoner who ratted out the Corsicans in the real world and has taken a liking to Malik in the showers. The Corsicans, who although now make up a small majority, still rule over the mostly Arab prison and Malik, a half arab himself toughens up while playing both sides of the coin and wins the confidence and protection of the Corsican group. After Luciani loses most of his men to a shuffling of prisoners throughout France, he’s left with no one but Malik as his trusted assistant. Luciani arranges 12-hour leaves for Malik, in which he’s sent on missions on the outside for the last two years of his sentence including drug deals, murders, and sniffing out a rat in their gang. After quickly growing up at Luciano’s side, Malik secretly starts to develop his own network to become his own gangster.

At 2.5 hours, A Prophet does get a little long but it has enough action, graphic violence and absolutely riveting performances by both Rahim as Malik and Arestrup as Luciani that you literally get lost in the story and forget is all just an act. When Malik is visibly shaking as he is about to kill for the first time is a jaw dropping scene and that’s only in the first 20 minuets! As a lover of crime thrillers this ranks very high on the list of greatest of all time and I really do recommend anyone who likes violent mafia movies to see it, if not in the theater now than on DVD later. Trust me, even though its not American and comes from those dirty French bastards, it might be better than anything else you see all year.


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