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Afrojacks Movie Review: Exit Through The Gift Shop

21 Apr, 2010 Movie Reviews

Otherwise known as the “Banksy Documentary”, Exit Through The Gift Shop has been hyped like crazy since it’s screening at Sundance this year and rightfully so as everything Banksy does is hyped (or over hyped). Going into this film I thought I was in for a full tutorial on the life and times of the most famous street artist of our time which would have been cool, but what unfolded left me completely and pleasantly surprised.

This doc is not just about Banksy, although he’s most of it. This doc is not even about street art in general, although that is the glue that links this incredible story together. This doc is about Thierry Guetta, a part time store owner, part time street artist, part time filmographer and full time lovable idiot. Thierry gets sucked into the street art scene by following and filming his cousin and street art pioneer, Space Invader as he goes out on late night missions to put up his work. This leads him to meeting and teaming up with the amazingly huge Shepard Fairey and finally Banksy, in the process capturing some fantastic never before seen footage on them out on missions and gets into some really hairy situations.  Then in a turn of brilliance, Banksy turns the camera on our subject Theirry as he tries his own hand at the art scene as “Mr. Brain Wash” and sets out to launch LA’s largest art show.

Very few documentaries have this rare mix of amazing footage, stories, and laughs like Exit Through The Gift Shop does.  Whether you dig art or not, this movie is just a good time and I find it hard to believe that anyone could say a negative thing about it.  To say more other than just go see it would take away from the experience. So go.  Now.

“It’s basically the story of how one man set out to film the un-filmable. And failed” - Banksy


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