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Afrojacks Movie Review: Fish Tank

3 Feb, 2010 Movie Reviews

In the dark, cold, wasteland that is the winter months of cinema it’s really slim pickin’s for quality content out there. Much like my local old chinese lady, one has to dig through heaps of trash (When in Rome, Tooth Fairy, Book of Eli, Legion, Lovely Bones, etc) to find a few worth while bottles to recycle at supermarket. This might take going to the small artsy theater that’s too out of the way and it might take stepping outside your comfort zone in terms of thematic choices but there are some good films out there that won’t put you to sleep or cause your IQ to lower. If you’re feeling motivated and daring enough to do all of this (and in the age of TiVo, Netflix, Xbox, I understand if your not) then I would suggest seeking out Fish Tank.

Fish Tank stars Katie Jarvis (a previously unknown actor found when yelling at her boyfriend on a train platform) as 15-year-old Mia who lives in a modified slum in the suburbs of London with her Mom and little sister, all of whom seemingly hate each other and let it be known day in and day out. When Mia’s not yelling and fighting at home, she’s doing more of the same on the streets plus a ton of boozing and dancing almost always by herself to old school hip hop (lots of Eric B & Rakim which is always nice) in an abandoned apt. Her life changes when her mom brings home a new boyfriend (Michael Fassbender whom you may recognize from Inglourious Bastereds) and a very Lolita-esq inappropriate relationship slowly seeks in between the two.

Now Fish Tank definitely has its flaws (its about 20 mins too long, sometimes the mom’s dialogue is a bit unbelievable, although the film is interesting there’s not a hell of a lot in terms of plot) but I would say the upsides (really fantastic performances all around, raw and really believable characters) outweigh these flaws enough for it to be engrossing, enjoyable and all around well worth your time. Is this an amazing, must see film of the year? No. But compared with the overall crap that is shat on us during these bleek winter months, it stands out like a smuggled condom full of contraband.


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