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Afrojacks Movie Review: Micmacs

26 May, 2010 Movie Reviews

You may or may not have heard of french director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, but you’ve most likely heard of at least one of his critically acclaimed and award winning films, Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children, A Very Long Engagement or Amelie.  If not then you should add them all to your Netflix queue immediately because what you’ll get in every single one (for the most part) is a fun, quirky, hilariously funny, unique and endearing film that you walk away from it in a good mood.  And without breaking the trend, that’s exactly what you get from his latest, Micmacs.

Micmacs is a light-hearted crime caper that tells the tale of Bazil who finds out that the same weapons manufacturers that killed his father made the bullet that injured him and left him penniless.  With the help of an underground crew of misfits, each with their own set of specific and odd skills, they seek revenge against the giant manufacturer company by slyly pitting them against their competitor in order to take them both down.

Basically everything this guy Jean-Pierre Jeunet does is great and Micmacs is no exception.  Some may say that it’s not his best but it’s rare that a film can be fast paced, funny as hell including really well done physical comedy, and really sweet at the same time.  When you add these elements to a plot twisting crime caper story that beats the hell out of any of the Oceans 11 movies and you’ve got one of the first films of the summer that’s actually worth your time and money spent in the theater.

Out this weekend: 5/28


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