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Afrojacks Movie Review: Not Quite Hollywood

24 Mar, 2010 Movie Reviews

We’ve all heard of the Blaxploitation movement of the 70′s with movies like Super Fly and Shaft but Ozploitation? Ask most Americans and we basically know Australia for their good looking broads, partying ways, kangaroos, and their packs of blood thirsty gangs roving a post-apocalyptic desert waste land a la Mad Max. This is basically all you need to know really, but if you’re interested, Australians actually had a pretty big cinematic movement of their own starting in the early 70′s and Not Quite Hollywood is the only documentary I’ve ever heard of that tells the Ozploitation story.

Not Quite Hollywood came out late last year (in America) and was written and directed by Mark Hartley. The documentary covers the making of all of Australia’s B and low budget films from the 70′s through today Alvin Purple, Barry McKenzie Holds His Own, Dead-End Drive In, Long Weekend, Mad Max, The Man from Hong Kong, Patrick, Razorback, Roadgames, Stork, Turkey Shoot, and more. Hartley interviews over eighty Australian, American and British actors, directors, screenwriters and producers, including Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Dennis Hopper who either have worked on and in these Australian favorites or just absolutely love them (Tarantino). It focuses on the commonly overlooked “Ozploitation” films—mainly filled with sex, horror and violence—which critics and film historians considered vulgar and offensive, many times for good reason but that’s what makes these films so freaking fun.

This documentary, although not spectacular by any means, is really entertaining on many levels. The sheer campy-ness of these 70′s and 80′s B movies are worth watching the doc alone just to have a laugh at what crap could be made on a shoe string budget and released back then. The more fascinating level of this doc is the many stories that the screen writers and directors tell about making these crazy movies almost all of which end up in partying, sex, fights, and/or crew members almost killing themselves due to the lack of regulations and the DIY movie making of the time. The one gripe I had with this one was there was a bit too much Tarantino shooting off the cuff about how much he loves this unexplored genre, but being he did help get the movie released, I’ll let it slide. If you take anything away from this documentary it’s how little we American’s have been exposed to what’s going on an island half way around the world making crazy ass movies that you’ve never heard of but would love to check out…. well at least after a six pack and a few bong rips. Hey, the Ozzies wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not Quite Hollywood is out on DVD now.


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