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Afrojacks Movie Review: We Live In Public

13 May, 2010 Movie Reviews

Although I lived through the internet boom in the ’90s I was too young to give a shit as to what was going on so documentaries on the subject fascinate and somewhat depress me. When I was jerking off and playing sports as a young teenager, uber nerds that were only a few years older than I were getting filthy, stinking rich, ironically enough off the on-line porn I was jerking off to.  This is a story about one of those super rich nerds and its definitely fascinating and just a little bit depressing.

We Live In Public tells the story of the rise and fall of the internet visionary, Josh Harris whom is dubbed “the greatest Internet pioneer you’ve never heard of.”  Josh started pseudo.com, the first internet TV station before the internet could even handle video, which made him a millionaire.  As Psuedo grew it got weirder and weirder and so did Josh.  Although the doc doesn’t really get into this, I’d say this has to do with the copious amounts of E that was being used by this set at the time, you can tell by the outfits alone, but I digress.  Josh wanted to create the ultimate experiment on the effects of video on identity so he created an underground bunker in NYC that was viewable at every angle (including the bathrooms).  He held a casting call to get the artsiest, 90′s rave-tastic people NYC had to offer, locked them up for a month with all the food, booze, guns (no clue why), etc they could handle and recorded their every move for the viewers to enjoy online.  It was basically the on-line Big Brother for the Chemical Brothers & Crystal Method set, culminating with a police raid shortly after new years eve of Y2K.

The documentary falls apart after this when it gets into his second experiment which involves filming every second he and his live in girl friend spend in their apartment for people to watch and comment on line. Obviously this breaks up his relationship and life where he then flees NYC for an apple orchard by himself up state,  but the extraordinary vision this shlubby guy had on where the internet would be and how it would/could effect people is truly amazing. The film’s website describes how, “With Quiet, Harris proved how, in the not-so-distant future of life online, we will willingly trade our privacy for the connection and recognition we all deeply desire. Through his experiments, including another six-month stint living under 24-hour live surveillance online which led him to mental collapse, he demonstrated the price we will all pay for living in public.”  Its just a shame he was 5 years too early and we were all too young and busy jerking off to care to listen.

We Live In Public is available on DVD now and I highly recommend renting it if your a fan of technology or just like to see super rich asshole types ultimately fail due to their own demise.


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