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Artist Spotlight: After Midnight Project

24 May, 2009 Musicians

Froman: In your opinion, what is the problem with the music industry today?

AMP: Lack of artist development leading to more bands being one hit wonders and losing their deals as opposed to building story. But right now is really exciting time for artists and labels.

Froman: What are your thoughts on bit torrents and file sharing?

AMP: It most definitely hurts labels and artist financially because there really isn’t any incentive to buy records. However, it does create new forum for an artist to get discovered. We never download we also purchase to support.

Froman: Do you like it hot and dirty rather than cold and clean?

AMP: Just like the lyric says….hot and dirty

Froman: If we gave you the blueprints for a time machine, then you built that time machine and traveled back in time which band/artist would prevent from making it?

AMP: We wouldn’t want to erase any bands history because positive or negative they have all had an impact. We would wanna use our powers for good. We are not in the business squashing dreams. But I would un-invent peeps and marshmellows of any kind. (Except for the ones in Lucky Charms cereal)

What are you guys currently working on and how does it compare to your older tracks such as digital crush, party dress and take me home?

AMP: We are set to release our debut record on Universal record July 14th. Its called “Let’s Build Something To Break” and was produced by John Feldmann. The songs mark the natural progression of the band - there is a great mixture or heavy tracks mixed with softer songs as well. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it!!

It’s obvious you have a number of influences in your music. How would you best describe your style?

AMP: Our style is popular alternative rock infused with hard rock aggression and electronic – think foo fighters meets Nine Inch Nails. It’s a loving kick in the face.

What is better? Playing packaged tours such as warped or playing smaller intimate venues?

AMP: The small venues are cool because you can feel the crowds breathing on you. but something is to be said for larger venues where the energy of thousands of kids just drive you. regardless of the venue we try and talk to every kid….

Could you ever challenge a young Ozzy Osborne in a snorting contest? If so, how would you up the ante?

AMP: Maybe not a snorting contest but we could all definitely outrun him and possibly a wrestling match. But how do you challenge a man who bit off the head of a bat?

How was it playing SXSW?

AMP: Amazing, complete mayhem we played 4 shows in 20 hours and in some of the shows we were one with the crowd….so sick.

Froman: If you could pick anyone who would you like to open up for?

AMP: If Limp Bizkit does a reunion tour tell them to call us. Barring that we would love to do the Foo Fighters and of course Muse, My Chemical Romance and Kings of Leon.

Froman: Are we the only ones who think Ticketmaster charging a convenience fee on top of taxes, the tickets and other bullshit charges a form of ass raping? If so, what are your thoughts on ass raping?

AMP: That sounds painful and rude. But we don’t like the idea of any of our fans being priced out of any of our shows. Its kind of the way it’s going right now but we will attempt to always remain affordable. People gotta make money.

Froman: When your band dies what would you like your epitaph to read?

AMP: “It seems to me the further a squirrel runs up a tree the smaller its butthole seems to be”

That sums it up

“Take Me Home”

For some, finding inspiration is a daunting task. . .

…For the interminable players that are After Midnight Project, inspiration is found in the hearts and souls of their ever growing fan base. Assembled in early 2004, the 5 piece has not looked back. Jason (vocals), TJ (bass), Dan (drums), Spencer (lead guitar), and Christian (rhythm guitar) come together to mesh an intriguing combination of pop, soul and rock that have garnered them comparisons to Incubus, Nine Inch Nails and Smashing Pumpkins.

With lyrics penned by the group’s front man Jason Evigan, After Midnight Project’s songs drip with the pain and emotion of a still evolving 20 something who admits he doesn’t have all of the answers. He credits failed relationships, and growing up in Hollywood as giving him the inspiration for his lyrics. While the alternative and classic rock influence can be heard from this quintet, their uncanny ability to write rich textured verses and undeniable choruses is what illuminates the group from a dark crowd of other Hollywood acts.

Their first E.P. “After Midnight Project”, which was released independently and is currently available on iTunes, features five songs that showcase After Midnight Project’s ability to blend alternative and classic rock together along with poignant lyrics. With songs such as “Through the Night”, fan favorite “Take Me Home”, and the emotional “Wilted”, After Midnight Project shows that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Spend a little time in Los Angeles and you will have been privy to an After Midnight Project display of sonic brilliance. With temporary residencies at The Viper Room and the Key Club in Hollywood, CA, the group has seen an interest in their live show grow after every outing. The group attributes the success of their live show to countless hours at their rehearsal studio. The manifestation of a flawless studio performance discharged to stage and with tireless energy from the group, their vocals drape flawlessly over the rhythm creating an unforgettable live performance. Riding on great success in 2006, including having their single “Take Me Home” featured in the video game “Prey” for XBOX 360, After Midnight Project followed with an even more successful year in 2007-releasing a second EP, “The Becoming”, and having been named one of Alternative Press’ best unsigned bands in ’07. This year, the band is releasing its first LP. “We write for the kids who feel the world has beaten them up, they support us and we support them with our words and our music.” A simple message to fans, “Thanks for the inspiration”.

Pick up “Let’s Build Something to Break” on July 14th.


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