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Artist Spotlight: Bang Camaro

10 May, 2009 Musicians

What’s up fellas? Last time we spoke you with you Bang Camaro II was just coming out. How has it been promoting the new album?

ALEX NECOCHEA (GUITARIST): Promoting BANG CAMARO II has been a cool experience. We’ve been on the road for the past 5 weeks touring across the country. We did a couple showcases at South by Southwest this year that went very well followed by a handful of headline club dates. We also toured with Electric Six, from Detroit, for a few weeks and had a blast performing for both our fans and theirs. I would love to get out there again with Electric Six. They are a truly great American band. Following that tour we went out to LA to perform on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and played to a sold out crowd at the famous, or infamous, Viper Room. It’s tough to beat a packed show on LA’s Sunset Strip.

We are huge fans of both albums and could never choose which is better. In your opinion which album better represents the band?

ALEX: I don’t have a favorite. Both albums are representative of BANG CAMARO. They are both part of our history. Our first album was a collection of one-off songs Bryn, Doz, and I wrote together. We didn’t necessarily conceptualize it as an album. I like to think of it as a collection of our early singles. Our second record is a bit different. We set out to make a cohesive collection of songs that included the full band that toured behind the first record. There was a concerted effort to use our choir of singers in more interesting ways, which saw us looking to our vocalists as co-writers this time around. That’s probably why there are more lyrics on this album.

Any plans on a third album? If so, will you record “you know I like my band - part 3” but with more “Yeah Mother Fuckers”!?

ALEX: We just finished our second album! You already want another one?! We haven’t begun talking about another collection of songs yet, though we have been writing new material. We could try writing a haunting and hypnotic “You Know You Like My Band.” Or, no. Nevermind. That is a terrible idea.

We think you should consider exploring that a little more….So, you’ve been touring all over with some great bands. Is the back stage scene growing to more of the 1986 era with the more shows you play?

ALEX: If by 1986 era backstage scene you mean fewer deli plates, fewer lite beers, and spotty internet connections, then yes. I doubt that’s what you meant.

You’re right. What we meant was big tittie groupies, massive amounts of cocaine and fire wielding midgets. But hey, you”ll get there. Baby steps. Anyway, how did you guys team up with Monster Magnet?

ALEX: This is what booking agents get paid to do. Ours did his job and got us some cool gigs.

Definitely keep your booking agent. Looks like he’s getting you guys good work. How was it playing on the Conan’O’Brien show? Any other late night gigs in the works?

ALEX: Playing Late Night with Conan O’Brien was amazing. I have watched Conan’s show since I was a kid and getting my chance to stand on that stage while playing my guitar was a dream come true. Conan is a down to earth guy and was very welcoming to the 12 man crew we brought with us that day. As for further late night appearances, we just taped a performance for Jimmy Kimmel Live! while in LA last week.

There are 14 dudes in your band so some form of cock blocking must go on. Any stories you can share?

ALEX: I wish our lives were that interesting. A lot of us have wives and girlfriends so our late night adventures rarely go further than getting kicked out of bars all across the US. Morgan may have some stories for you, but that’s an entirely different interview.

Divorce your wives, dump your girlfriends and send us Morgan for an interview. Now that you have become more successful do you still have people join you on stage (besides the other bands on tour)?

ALEX: I have no idea what you mean by “more successful.” I still ride public transportation and scrounge for change in the van to eat at Taco Bell. We’ve put the call out for more singers in the past and we have been fortunate to have come across some seriously talented singers. Case in point, we had two vocalists from Philadelphia, Andre Coles and Sean Barry, join us on this last tour. Bryn put out a couple ads on Craigslist and they answered the call. They are amazing vocalists and good friends. They’re now in the Camaro for life.

Would you ever consider covering the last 27 seconds of “Don’t Cry,” you know, the part with 10 axl’s?

ALEX: We do this in the van all the time. That is where it will remain.

That van must smell like dried cum and desperation. Are you guys down with Steel Panther?

ALEX: I am familiar with Steel Panther. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to check them out live, although, I believe Rodrigo went to their show last night. I bet he danced a lot. Us Latin American types in BANG CAMARO like to feverishly dance. Someone in LA told me all the guys in Steel Panther make gobs of money and all have houses in the Hollywood hills. It appears I may have chosen the wrong profession.

Profession? Just to clarify they are musicians just like you. Their 9 to 5 isn’t actually stealing panthers. So anyway, you guys are the real fucking deal, in our opinion no other band out there brings the intensity you guys do so we are sure it’s only a matter of time until you really blow up. Let’s fast forward 10-15 years…if there ever was to be a Bang Camaro tribute band, what do you think the name would be? We suggest: “You know I like this band”

ALEX: You are very kind. Thank you. I would be quite surprised and honored if anyone could ever take up the BANG CAMARO mantle as a tribute. I’m not much with names but I’m sure they could get by with Swallow The Razor, Electric Fire, Night Liars, Thunderclap, or Our Disappointed Parents Wanted Us To Go To Medical Skool.

Fuck med school. You guys have your doctorate in chopping your breakfast on the mirror.

Do you guys like fish-sticks?

ALEX: Ridiculous. Of course we like fish-sticks. Well, probably not Bryn. He’s vegetarian.

As always bro, thanks for the interview.

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