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Artist Spotlight: JOLLY

2 Aug, 2009 Musicians

Froman: For those not in the know, how would you best describe Jolly? There seems to be a lot of influences in there.

JOLLY: JOLLY is the return of thoughtful music. Not thoughtful like “Oh wow you got me an orange box for my hat, and I love orange, how thoughtful!” Thoughtful as in full of thought.
JOLLY is a sound that comes from such a wide range of influences so as not to sound like any one of those. It’s kind of like taking many different colors of paint and mixing them together creating the greatest band in history…or something like that.
JOLLY is Ambient-Neo-Progressive-Alternative-Ye-Olde-Space-Rock with dash of pop and a side of fuck you sideways with a pogo stick.
JOLLY is God. Worship JOLLY or DIE.

Froman: We are big fans of the album. What’s the biggest challenge you face getting your music out to the masses?

JOLLY: Oh gee what a question. What are the challenges you face when trying to take a beer shit at 9am without waking up your one night stand?
The answer is you don’t want her to hear it. So go figure the analogy out for yourself.

Froman: I’ll shit right in a chick’s bed. I don’t give a shit. So what are your thoughts on the music industry today? I mean, a ton of shit sucks. If it were possible, would you want to remove pop music as a whole?

JOLLY: Ok lets be honest. Pop music is amazing. Anyone who doesn’t like pop is either a failing musician, someone who plays Warcraft, or just a complete douche altogether. The problem is that pop music has been ass-fucked by capitalism creating a pre-packaged unoriginal shit baby that people could ingest easily, comfortably, and cheaply. All (or most) of the art has been sucked from pop for one basic reason: people will buy the same shit over and over. Pop, when done right, and when it’s original is the third most infectious thing on earth (first being AIDS, and second being SEINFELD).
The music industry today is like rock star purgatory. Nobody knows what to do. Every trash ball with a mic and a computer has a myspace page and is trying to “make it.”

Froman: I thought blowing cocaine off hooker tits was #3 on the addicting list? So, being a new band, do you embrace file sharing and look at it as a way to get the word out?

JOLLY: It goes both ways. What guy who wants to be a rock star doesn’t dream of the days of going gold, or platinum, and making millions from it. It was a glorious time, but the true fact is that it is over. Music will eventually become completely free in every medium. We’ve all stolen music, so we are all guilty. The time now is to embrace it as free publicity for live shows. And perhaps this will create incentive for bands to work more on their live acts creating a surge of live talent. The worst thing about it all is that it dumbs down the art of recording in a studio.

Froman: Which band member is most likely to roofie a chick and which band is member is most likely to roofie himself?

JOLLY: Anadale is most likely to roofie himself while trying to roofie a chick, sort of like the goblet scene in ‘Princess Bride’. “Inconceivable!”

Froman: How are you guys going about planning a tour to support the album? Hitting up any colleges?

JOLLY: Right now we are focused on sending out press kits around the world and searching for bigger bills that would fit our style. Then from there we will just latch on to them like that fat girl in junior high who used to give you her dunkaroos everyday and then you felt guilty about it so you fingered her in the locker room and then walked around questioning how all this happened to begin with considering the fact that you never even really liked dunkaroos in the first place, you just took them because they were free.
So basically what I’m saying is that hopefully one day Dream Theater will finger us in a locker room.

Froman: I read an interesting story from your autobiography. Tell us about that time you were getting a lap dance from this hot chick then when she removed her thong a huge cock popped out.

JOLLY: Yeah It was crazy, as I stared at this she-males multicolored, crooked member, trying to pinpoint the precise substance it was discharging, she mentioned that her son Mikey worked for Afro Jacks, subsequently leading to this interview. And yes, I blew her.

Froman: Hey, a lot of kid’s mom’s are post-op trannies. It’s just not widely reported. And remember, it’s only gay if you push back. Anyway, killer music video for Escape From DS-3. What’s the back story behind that one?

JOLLY: These are clips from an early 80′s movie by the same title. The father of drummer/producer Louis Abramson is actually the guy with the dark curly hair in the yellow pajamas who almost gets his ass kicked by the guy that isn’t hightower from Police Academy, or the wimpy guy with the 5 o’clock shadow.
This movie has such a classic B-movie feel to it, and goes perfect with the spacey epic sound of the song, so it was a perfect match, aside from the fact that the song and the movie coincidentally happened to have the exact same title.

Froman: Which one of your songs would best make for a porn soundtrack?

JOLLY: Renfaire, simply because it’s about raping.

Froman: When the band dies, what would you like its epitaph to read.

JOLLY: JOLLY - At least they did that shitty Afro Jacks interview.

Froman: Touche.



“JOLLY’s first full length release “Forty-Six Minutes, Twelve seconds of Music” is an aggressive, and eclectic blend of musical soundscapes both elegant and hard-hitting. JOLLY covers all auditory ground in this release, venturing from haunting ambience, to slicing guitar riffs, all interwoven with beautiful melodies. This album contains stunning originality while simultaneously striking a familiar chord with the listener.

Aside from the impressive musicianship, and refreshing writing styles, 46:12 also offers something new. Embedded throughout the album are various forms of brain wave stimulation known as Binaural Tones. These tones are scientifically proven to enrich feelings of happiness, focus, creativity,and relaxation through inaudible changes in audio frequencies. This phenomenon will greatly enhance the listening experience, drawing listeners deeper into the world of JOLLY.
46:12 is an album for the ages that will not be forgotten.”




Progressive music is an interesting thing when handled correctly by bands like Jolly, it can produce some of the most captivating music in the world. Forty-Six Minutes, Twelve Seconds of Music feels like an art rock record. It takes many different twists and turn down many different roads and avenues. Never conforming to a certain musical structure, no two songs off the album sound quite the same. Each instrument is represented well. Anadale’s vocals and Joe Reilly’s piano skills are on display at their best in ‘Red Sky Locomotive’, ‘Peril’ showcases Louis Abramson’s drumming ability and Mike Rudin’s bass work is excellent on ‘Renfaire’. Obviously, this quartet knows what they’re doing.

The first track, ‘Escape from DS-3′ shows off Jolly’s particular style, blending heavy and soft music into the song. The same can be said for ‘Renfaire’ and ‘Peril’. Continuing from there, ‘Red Sky Locomotive’ is a truly beautiful song. At several points in the song, vocals, bass, drums and piano crescendo into an amazing display of what this band has to offer. ‘Downstream’ is another great example of this. Bluesy guitar riffs and a soulful solo make this song a late standout. Both ‘Carousel of Whale’ and ‘Solstice’ seem heavier and have faster tempo than the previous tracks but fit nonetheless.

A quick mention must be given to the inclusion of binaural tones in ’46:12′. Information about these can be easily found from a portal on the band’s website. In layman’s terms, binaural tones are two slightly offset frequencies played together in stereo. The properties of these tones alter the brain’s natural frequency. Different frequency ranges are said to have different effects on the brain. Inside the album this warning is offered; “Caution: Binaural tones can alter brainwaves. Do not use while operating machinery or driving. Do not use if you are epileptic, wear a pace maker, pregnant, and/or prone to seizures.”

Binaural tones aside, Forty-Six Minutes, Twelve Seconds of Music is a fantastic album and I expect great things of Jolly in the time to come. Their mix of alternative and progressive rock elements creates an ambient sound unlike anything else heard today. - Dangerdog.com

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