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Artist Spotlight: Jon Famous

1 Jul, 2009 Musicians

Passionate. Eclectic. Timeless. You want it he got it! From 16′s out of this world to beats from the year of 2021, Jon famous has it all. This 20 year old Northern California native is the next major thing that the game has seen in awhile. Artist/Producer Jon Famous has been on his grind, getting his feet wet in the industry, from opening up for Slum Village at Hu’s homecoming 06, to traveling around the U.S. laying track for Twista, Juvenile, Keak da Sneak, and many more. Get your ears wet now because this buzz is coming Jonathan “Jon Famous” Hendry has been a disciple of hip-hop and rhythm ever since he began rapping, beat-boxing, and breaking-dancing at an age where most of his contemporaries were just learning to speak correctly.


1. For those who aren’t in the know, who is Jon Famous?

JON FAMOUS: I would like to welcome all to the future!! I am an artist/producer “JON FAMOUS” “the crazy genius”” from Sacramento California Reppin “Fresh Exec” The label. I’ve worked with a number of major artist from lil wayne, tyga, rich boy, jim jones, yung la, too $hort, Slim of 112, Wale and the list will continue. Currently working towards my debut album “Crazy genius” that will showcase my Lyrical artistry along with my production.

2. If Famous Amous Cookies were to take Famous Rays Pizza in a battle of the famouses, who would win?

Yo, Famous Amos Cookies all day any day. That the only bagged cookies I really get down with.

3. Tell us your thoughts on the music industry and what needs to be changed?

Honestly I look at the music industry as great avenue to express dreams, Reality, Pain, Passion, Love, and talent with opportunity of making a living off of it. Unfortunately The business of this of industry has become more important then the music, now days it doesn’t matter if your music is good, if you business is top tier you will be heard. I don’t have any problems with good business but when it over rides good music, we are leading our selves into destroying the substance that created this industry.

4. What’s responsible for Hip-Hop’s decline?

Hip Hops Decline? I don’t really see it that way. Judge if you may, but It seems to me hip-hop is on the incline. We have pioneers that are passing the torch to new, HOT, young artist like myself that have the vision and talent to take hip-hop to new horizons. Never should we forget the content and vision of the hip-hop Area that came come before now, but we do have to open our ears to the new area of hip-hop. To keep this on the incline we have to continue to support new, good music.

5. Has the internet reshaped the way you think about mixtape distribution?

It definitely has, with new advancements in technology we (artist) are now finding ways to sale, promote, leak, and create/maintain a buzz by sitting on a laptop all day. Now when u have a new material, weather it be a mixtape, Album, New song, or what ever, you can promote it and make it available by a few clicks of the mouse. There is really no need to press up thousands of mixtapes and hit the streets now, the streets of hip-hop are all on these sites and blogs. Internet is distribution is actually better, because you can make your material more accessible.

6. If you could shit on anyone in the game who would it be and why? Who do you want to collaborate with?

Im not shittin on nobody, im about building! If your not with that, you will shit on yaself in the long run. Kayne West is who i wouldn’t mind building with

7. How can we get certified in hustling?

Hustla Certification come from, First: “Having a Hustle” Second: You must become extremely efficient in the hustle. Third: work sooo hard that you can’t be mistaken for anything other then a “Certified Hustla”

8. When is the video for your single “Certified Hustler” (ft. Jim Jones) coming out and will it have video hoes?

The visual for my record “Certified Hustla” Feat Jim jones will be available Soon, Just making sure everything is done sequentially, gotta promote the right way at the right time, to the right people. As far a video hoes “no” Beautiful young women that represent my movement, my music, and a certified hustle “Yes”.

9. Your second single is titled “Pop My Tag” featuring Yung LA. How did you get in contact with these 2 major heavyweights?

We’ve had the record for a while but now was the more appropriate time for release. I’ve been working with Yung L.A. on the production since the beginning of his signing to Grand Hustle. My artist D-Mac was in Atlanta in the Thomasville Projects playing some of my instrumentals in the car, caught L.A.’s attention, he came over to the car and start rapping to the tracks, asked who made them and then gave me a call. A week later we were in Grand Hustle Studios (Echo Studios) making records. When your creating a Buzz with in this industry your network game gotta be on point, then you have to have to music to back it all up.

10. When can we expect your debut album “Crazy Genius”?

Expect my debut album “Crazy Genius” sometime summer 09, its gonna be incredible!!! The Production on it is out of this world! Big feats. From Jim Jones, Young LA, Lil B (The Pack), Polow da Don’s R&B Group “I-15”, And some BIG secret surprises

11. You are currently working on a dope mixtape project. You will drop a “Jon Famous: The Artist” and “Jon Famous: The Producer” mixtape. Talk about it…

That’s right 3 projects in total! “Mr. Famous LAB 101” the production mixtape will feat. Records I’ve produced for major artist. Lil wayne, jim jones, rich boy, yung la and many many more! “the experiment” is the mixtape where I will be showcasing the lyrical side of Jon Famous and I will be rippin and remixing on some some of the hottest notable industry songs. And of course the album “Crazy Genius”

12. Walk us through a day in the life of Jon Famous

Wake up, pray, shower, Studio………………………………..Twitter, Facebook, myspace, Studio…………….eat…………studio

13. On the day you die what do you want your epitaph to read

“Here Lives the soul of a man that strived everyday to live outs his purpose, a purpose to share a gift of message through his music to all people”

Best of luck bro. Thanks for the time. Be on the lookout for my man Jon Famous….

Jon Famous ft. Jim Jones - Certified Hustla


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