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Artist Spotlight: Saving Abel

26 Apr, 2009 Musicians

Froman: For those that don’t know or aren’t very familiar with the group, what best describes the band? Which of your songs best exemplifies the band?

Saving Abel: We are some southern raised boys that love to play music, party and have a fun time doing that. “Addicted” and “New Tattoo” fits the bands lifestyle, but “Running From You” has our Mississippi sound that sets us apart from other bands

Froman: You have a lot of tour dates in the same cities/states. What’s your favorite city to play in and why?

I love playing all over but nothing brings a lump to your throat than a sold out hometown show. Whether it is 300 people in a bar or 20,000 at a festival, hometown shows are and always be a favorite

Froman: How has it been touring with Nickelback? Chad Kroeger seems to get a bad rap, how is he on tour?

Nickelback is an amazing group of guys. They put on one hell of a performance and are great to be around. everyone in the band has a great sense of humor and are very friendly. I cannot see where anyone would give Chad a bad rap. He will go out of his way to say hello to you. I believe it was the 2nd night of the tour and he came into our dressing room to pep us up for the show

Froman: If you could take one band/artist out of the limelight who would it be and why?

I wouldn’t want to take anyone out. They worked hard to where they have gotten.

Froman: You are one of the many featured artists on Playboy’s Rock the Rabbit event. Can you expand on what this is a little more and are banging playmates included with the deal or is that just a bonus?

Playboy is featuring some bands and has put them on their website. We are one of them. We have a limited edition rock the rabbit/Saving Abel shirt

Froman: Has the level and quality of pussy gone up 10 fold since you released addicted as a single?

For some it might have. I’m married with a child at home; I’m low key when it comes to go get women

Froman: What do you think the underlining problem is with the music industry?

I think bands trusting the 100 people that work on the different projects that are required for this job

Froman: When you make love do you look in the mirror? Who do you think of? Does he look like me?

Did you get copyright permission to use this? lol

Froman: It seems these days the backstage atmosphere is much calmer than the 80/90′s any plans on upping the ante?

We love to have fun. Don’t think we could ever compete with Zepplin, GnR, and Crue. But we will try

Froman: Hypothetical question time:

Let’s say you meet some smoking hot chick and you two date for a month or so. Then one day you get a link sent to you by your boy and it’s a video of your girl at a bukkake party and she is the guest of honor, do u still date her knowing you kissed 30 dudes half babies?

Froman: Now let’s say you come back to your hotel after a show and a Marissa Miller caliber chick is laying naked on the bed. Only problem is she is dead… but for only 10 minutes so she is still moist and warm. Play ball?

Anal early

Froman: What bands or types of music do you listen to when you’re not trying to think of work? Any play list suggestions for us?

Days of the New (red album)
A Perfect Circle (Thirteenth Step)

Froman: The day your band dies what do you want your epitaph to read?

What the hell is a Epitaph?

Froman: Thanks again guys and wish you the best with the album and the tour. Let us know if you want us to plug something in particular.

18 Days (acoustic)

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