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Artist Spotlight: Solarcade

1 Feb, 2009 Musicians

Solarcade guitarist Pomilla discusses with Afrojacks about some of his greatest influences. He finds that discovering his own favorite bands’ influences gives him a kind of retro musical insight. “Some of my favorite guitarists can be traced all the way back to my own Texas roots like Billy Gibbons and Buddy Holly.”

With the upcoming 50th anniversary of the American Pie plane crash on Feb 2nd, Pomilla reflects saying, “How ironic that on the anniversary of music legends’ deaths, my singer Paul Van celebrates his birthday. It’s as though on Feb 2nd, music was given another chance to make history.”

Solarcade, however, has more than a birthday to celebrate; with their new EP, SONGS FOR THE GATHERING out on FEB 24, 2009 and on the same night a CD Release party at House of Blues in Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas. Needless to say, the Fro is pumped for this album release. The opener “Rise” is one of the best, arena-filling lead tracks we’ve heard in a long time, and an unusual guitar solo turns “Oceans to Oceans” from extraordinary to epic! Make sure you check it out.

We got the chance to go behind the scenes and ask the questions that are on everyone’s mind…

Froman: In your opinion, what is the problem with the music industry today?

TONY POMILLA (guitar): It really depends where you are as an artist to say what is wrong with the industry. Up and coming artists today can easily adapt to the new and lack there of technologies of getting your music out to fans. The bad de is you can get it to Facebook and Myspace users but it is ultimately for free. Some platinum selling veteran acts and I wont mention any names (*cough-Lars Ulrich) tried to stop it and like all the other artists they figured if you can beat them then join them. Record deals today encompass 360 deals in which they take a percent of everything from a band and in the old days artists took all their touring and merch.

PAUL VAN (vocals): Record labels, particularly some of the majors are after a quick-fix chart topper without thinking about the longevity of their artist. The mentality of “One hit will suffice and who cares what the rest of the album sounds like” has to end. Because of this, potentially great bands get put on the back burner while shitty acts continue to play-on and disappoint.

Froman: So, Record companies. Need them or want them?

POMILLA: I like to think of the major labels kinda like the Galactic Empire and all these cool indie bands are the Rebels and the indie labels are Millennium Falcons. Bands like Solarcade, Airborne Toxic Event, and Minus the Bear have heard Obi-Wan’s voice telling us to use the Force. Yes it is true; Solarcade was aboard when Luke fired the successful shot which destroyed the Death Star, er, I mean the major labels…

VAN: Since the beginning, bands have relied on the muscle of a record company and now that’s changed. It’s become the big question bands are asking themselves. Do we jump without the parachute and still get to make a safe landing?

Froman: What are your thoughts on bit torrents and file sharing?

VAN: This is a sign of the times. There’s no stopping the monster that is technology.

I love it! The bands who embrace clearly are in it for the love of writing and sharing their craft.

Froman: If you could kill one band/artist with no repercussions who would it be and why?

Kanye West. The poor guy can’t sing but he tried and was exposed. He should stick to rapping. He is good at that. His ego is laughable and until he has charting singles on Country, Pop, Rock, and has #1 hit movies like Elvis Presley please don’t make me laugh with “I’m the Elvis of this generation”. It’s not called “Saturday Night Prerecorded Backing Tracks” show. “How could you be so thoughtless?????”

I saw a band called ‘Thursday’ perform on Conan O’Brien a good while back. To date, it was easily the most dreadful performance I have seen from any live act. This band is not good and they know it.

Froman: Who is the most overrated band/artist out now (feel free to take the gloves off)?

Billy Corgan? I think it’s the sound of his voice that bothers me most though. His compositions are satisfactory but I’ve always found the delivery to be less than admirable.

The Flobots. I saw them performing live on The Conan O’Brien show and they are the worst live performance I ever saw. No songs, no melodies, and no hook. If you are into shit then the Flobots are awesome. Oh no I have turned into Liam Gallagher…

Froman: If you could add in any player living or dead to your band who would it be?

Mark Brzezicki

Israeli singer named Ofra Haza. She was a beautiful singer and I was turned onto her when she guest did a guest the vocal on “Temple of Love” with The Sisters of Mercy. She influenced us on a song we wrote called “Feast of Cana” and we later wrote a dedication piece to her called “Ode to Ofra Haza”.

Froman: What grinds your gears?

A certain day of the week comes to mind…

POMILLA: Traffic and Democrats, haha!

Froman: Could you ever challenge a young Ozzy Osborne in a snorting contest? If so, how would you up the ante?

No contest man. I’ll be toast before you can say GOP stands for Gay Old Pedophile.

No way!! Snorting ants and coke is so 1980s…

Froman: What is the best way to dispose of a body?

When I learn more about forensics I will let you know.

Funny you should ask because I got my degree in Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State and worked on Death Row as a Correctional Officer in Huntsville, Texas. One night on the graveyard shift an inmate walks up to me and says he knows how to do it next time and not get caught. He told me the best way to get rid of a body and it never be found is feed the body into the wood chipper. Make sure that the flesh mulch is spewed onto the tarp and be mulched small enough as not to be recognizable. Use an antibacterial cleaner that contains a lot of bleach to clean out the inside and outside of the wood chipper. Gather the parts and go out to a lake and spread it on the water and let the fish gobble it up. No one will ever know what happened to the body. Other than that I have no idea what you are talking about…

Froman: If identical twins have sex isn’t it more along the lines of masturbation then incest?

Isn’t this what happened in the movie Chinatown with Jack Nicholson, oh wait the 2 girls were mother and daughter and sisters. Does this end up with me getting my nose cut with a switchblade?

That’s some funny shit… Yep, masturbation it is.

Froman: Describe your sex: light some candles or lay down the tarp?


Must we go over this again?? First lay out the tarp THEN feed the body into the wood chipper…wait, im confused?.?.?….

Froman:  Who would you like to open up for?

VAN: Depeche Mode, Keane, and The Pope.

Death Cab, Snowpatrol, Starsailor, Muse, and The Veils. Like when we toured with The Killers, these are bands that have songs with live performances and vocalists that back it up every night.

Froman: Are we the only ones who think that Ticketmaster charging a convenience fee on top of tax, the tickets and other bullshit charges is a form of ass raping? If so, what are your thoughts on ass raping?

Depending on what floats your fancy, an ass raping could be a gas. It’s just not for me. And for that matter, neither is Ticketmaster.

You cant be a pimp and prostitute too but for some odd reason my girlfriend keeps telling me you can….hmmm. I don’t know why tickemaster does that, driving up the prices only makes people be able to choose one concert over going to 3 therefore they are losing more money.

Froman:  The day your band dies, what would you like the epitaph to read?


We came, we saw,
And with all of our might
We gave you the best bloody songs
We thought we could write. ~ SOLARCADE


Here Lies Solarcade,
Who now lays in the Land of Love
Staring at My Weather of Love
With fans who embrace with Arms of Love” ~ SOLARCADE


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