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Artist Spotlight: Tone Trump

Froman: For those who aren’t in the know, who is Tone Trump? Any relation to the Donald? Tone Trump: Tone Trump is the King of West Philly. I’m New Blood to the industry. And unfortunately, I’m no relation to Donald Trump. Froman: Tell us your thoughts on the music industry and what needs to be...

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Artist Spotlight: The Answer

If your question is ‘who is the baddest, most kick ass, hard rockin band touring the world today,’ the answer is The Answer. Following the launch of their debut album Rise in 2006, they were quickly touted as the ‘best new UK band’ by Classic Rock magazine. The guys from Northern Ireland have already opened...

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Artist Spotlight: Solarcade

Solarcade guitarist Pomilla discusses with Afrojacks about some of his greatest influences. He finds that discovering his own favorite bands’ influences gives him a kind of retro musical insight. “Some of my favorite guitarists can be traced all the way back to my own Texas roots like Billy Gibbons and Buddy Holly.” With the upcoming...

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Artist Spotlight: The Sugar Report

When asked why do you play music, Curtis, the lead singer of The Sugar Report, responds, “I’m called to do it. I wake up some days and I just have to write. I like playing music for myself and if people like what I write as much as me-well, that’s amazing!” “My ideas are unclear...

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Artist Spotlight: Bang Camaro

Huge guitar solos, catchy ass choruses, driving hooks, and a live show that will leave your face melted. These are a few reasons why Bang Camaro has become our favorite band of 2008. Toss away the traditional verse-chorus-verse, the anthem rock band from Boston only leaves room for shredding solos and loud, infectious cries from...

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Artist Spotlight: Transient Songs

Originating out of the hazy banks of the Pacific Northwest, garage psychedelic outfit Transient Songs (vocalist-guitarist John Frum and bassist Jimmy Andrews) and their five-song debut, Plantation to Your Youth, offer up a sublime resin-filtered journey through smoke-enshrouded byways and chiming guitars trails far beyond the lo-fi, burnout ethos of their basement origins. With enough...

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Artist Spotlight: Prize Country

FOR THOSE WHO WANT… …their dosage of hard-driving musical intensity to come with a strong sense of technical skill and innovation, consider Prize Country, a group that delivers the goods on multiple fronts. To borrow from Faulkner, the Portland-based band brings both the sound and the fury. Their latest is 11 tracks worth of guitar-driven...

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Artist Spotlight: Sweet Cyanide

Sweet Cyanide is a Vaudevillian laced blend of David Bowie glam meets Guns N Roses grit. The band cites the aforementioned artists as major influences and undoubtedly encompass the sleazy, aggressive yet theatrical characteristics of classic rock that reigned within the timeframe of these super star acts, except with a modern flair. Although a new...

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Artist Spotlight: Caves

The problem with music today is that no one dances! Thank the gods childhood friends united…. to save the boring indie rock show! Brian Morris (drums) and Jacob Carey (vocals, guitar) convinced transcontinental friends David Benedetti (guitar) and Tim West (bass) to start what would become Caves. Caves found itself in the open arms of...

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