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LeBron’s new NIKE commercial is hot

25 Oct, 2010 Vids

This is seriously awesome. Nike knows what they’re doing when it comes to commercials and LeBron tears it up in this new ad. What should I do? He and the Heat can still fuck themselves, but this is outstanding.


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  1. As a Cleveland/Akron/NORTHEAST, Ohio resident, I was very sad to see LeBron leave. I know what he meant to the STATE, and moving forward without him representing for the fans here will suck. The fact that he made his "Decision" on national T.V., made absolutely no difference to me. LeBron was the only reason I started to watch basketball in the first place. I am a LeBron fan before a basketball fan, so I will continue to watch him play anyway. I support my hometown teams like I do our country, and even though it sucks that LeBron is gone, I really don't care. Besides, I ride DIRT BIKES, so MOTOCROSS and SUPERCROSS is where its really at. So go watch you some, and you will see what, "flying high," is really about!!

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