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Music You Should Know: Atomic Tom

8 Feb, 2010 Musicians

Atomic Tom’s journey really began back in 2007, when four guys met at a crossroads – a place they’d each arrived with their individual instruments and talents, seeking allies in pursuit of a bigger sound. Those four guys were Luke White (Vocals/Guitar), Eric Espiritu (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Phil Galitzine (Bass) and Tobias Smith (Drums). White, who has been the front man for AT, believes a mutual love and respect for music brought the band together, “If we had just wanted to make a name for ourselves and get famous, we wouldn’t have come together the way we did. What we’re pursuing is more like a musical legacy, and we’ve learned that with each other, that legacy is much stronger.”

Check out the interview from CMJ Week in NYC

Atomic Tom - CMJ 2009 Interview - AfroJacks.com

To even call White a front man might be a misnomer – it’s much more tied to the attention he demands when he takes center stage. But the band speaks of themselves almost as a musical collective. Espiritu offers, “Writing is a collaborative process, and that often allows a sound to grow more organically. “ Listening to some of Atomic Tom’s veteran tracks like “Take Me Out” and “You Always Get What You Want” have orchestral sized sound with a deep pop rock footing. But early listenings to songs from their upcoming debut album like “We Were Never Meant to Be” and “The Moment” have a level of lyrical and musical depth that suggest real growth from the band and offer the listener a new reason to listen again and again.

The awareness of audience in Atomic Tom’s new sound is fitting for a band that has taken so comfortably to the demands of touring. Though they call New York City home, Atomic Tom consider themselves a traveling act. “We like to think of ourselves as modern day rogue gypsies, “ jokes White, “The stage is our home but it’s constantly changing. We leave everything on each stage as if it were our first and last.”

For now, the future of Atomic Tom looks and sounds exceedingly promising. With songs already making their way on to shows like “The Hills” and their new album garnering strong buzz through out the industry, it would be easy to understand if Atomic Tom went Hollywood on us.

Thankfully, AT is that rare glimpse of honest talent in a musical world overrun with too many ‘somebodies.’ “We know who we are,” explains White, “and because of that, our sound may change as we grow as a band, but we’ll always inherently be the same people. Four guys, four instruments, and one evolving sound.”

Listen to the evolution of Atomic Tom when their new album arrives early 2010. Check out their myspace here

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