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New Acts (from SXSW) That I’m Digging - Japandroids & Bear In Heaven

22 Mar, 2010 SXSW 2010


These guys are perhaps the most blogged about band on the internets. Well, at least top 10. So yes, I’ve heard of them. Their most recent album Post-Nothing, follows two successful previous albums- 2008′s Lullaby Death Jams and 2007′s All Lies. I’ve unintentionally avoided them thus far, but hearing their “garage rock” sound (as they describe it) live gave me a new impression of them.

Japandroids aka JPNDRDS is a two piece band from Vancouver, BC. This ‘band’ started in 2006 as a creative outlet for the post-teenage angst of Brian King and David Prowse. Originally intending to be a trio, the boys decided to forgo the logistical nightmare of having a ‘lead singer’ and do it themselves. As a consequence, Japandroids are 1 guitar, 1 set of drums, and 2 vocalizers. Like many of my favorite bands, Japandroids take a two piece band and make it sound like a five piece.

Bear in Heaven

Brooklyn psychedelicists Bear in Heaven are riding high on the success of their latest disc Beast Rest Forth Mouth. The band’s sound is  characterized by textural, spacious three- to four-minute pop anthems with towering choruses.  It’s a sound that doesn’t have to be loud and bombastic to feel huge and important.

Lovesick Teenagers (with gratuitous homemade Labrynth editing)

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