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Role Reversal in “Between Two Ferns”

25 Oct, 2010 Comedians

If you are on the internet as much as we are, you are fully aware of Zach Galifianakis’ on-going web interview series “Between Two Ferns”. He has provided some of the funniest, awkward, cringe-worthy interviews of famous celebrities in recent memory.

I wouldn’t necessarily deem this below video a payback, but the interviewer does a spot-on impression of Zach’s typical interview style. Fortunately, Zach is a comedian and has a really good sense of humor, eventually picking up on what’s going on. The level of awkwardness he gets out of his interviewees normally is comparable to the skeeviness I achieve when asking old women with dentures to give me “gummers”. Is it bad that they think I’m their grandsons and yet still go for a spicy meat canoli?

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