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Something smells real good….

29 Sep, 2010 Sports

Ever have a reason to visit Washington State? Ever wonder what you do when it rains 300 days a year? Do you like smoking weed?

If you answered Yes to one or all of the above questions, then you are sooooo in luck because Washington has set up its first cannabis farmer’s market. While they are only currently allowing people with legitimate medical conditions like cancer participate, one can only assume that, like California, they will eventually permit people with headaches, irritable bowel and any number of “serious” ailments, enjoy the wonderful splendors of govt sponsored chronic.

Maybe this idea will help the Seattle residents forget about the loss of the Supersonics and how awful the Mariners are to watch (whenever King Felix Hernandez is not pitching…if you don’t know who that it is, google it up, dipshit)

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