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SXSW Update: STP perform tracks off the new album

19 Mar, 2010 SXSW 2010

Get your butt down to SXSW. The festivities are starting to pick up, and hopefully so will my coverage from down here. Last night’s major highlight came from STP performing at Austin Music Hall. Every year SXSW is good for one rock giant (Metallica, Janes Addiction, REM, etc), and this year one of those slots belong to Weiland and Co.

Kicking off with Vasoline, the band followed up with Wicked Garden before performing two (of 4) new tracks off the new album - “Between the Lines,” the aptly named ode to his drug-taking past, and the chugging, more mid-tempo “Hickory Dichotomy.”  Then more blast from the past with “Big Empty,” “Sour Girl” and “Creep.”

The Doors Robbie Krieger, who paired with the band (and bassist Robert DeLeo’s young son) on “Roadhouse Blues” closed out an overall great show. The sound was a bit muddled from the loud speakers (as seen in the click below), but everyone was singing along so there was little chance to hear Weiland to begin with.

“Between the Lines”

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